Arden Arcade: Incorporation, Annexation or Status Quo?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 23, 2009
Incorporation or annexation? That’s the question facing Arden Arcade residents. Should they create their own city? Or should the neighborhood become part of the city of Sacramento? Joel Archer is with the group that supports incorporation.
Archer: “One thing’s for sure, is the city doesn’t know how to solve its own problems. And Arden Arcade is a huge revenue source. If we don’t take a proactive stance for our own community and make our own decisions, somebody outside of our community will make those decisions for us.”
But Archer is even less enthusiastic about the status quo. Currently, as an unincorporated area, Arden is governed by Sacramento County – which just laid off more than a hundred sheriff’s deputies.
Archer: “I hate to see this but if incorporation fails, the next best alternative may be annexation.”
Archer’s group and Sacramento city officials will make their competing cases to Arden residents tonight at 7:00 – at the Arcade Church on Marconi Avenue. Both processes can take years and require the approval of a special county board known as the Local Agency Formation Commission. Archer’s group is currently paying LAFCo to study incorporation.