Budget Vote Nears, Health Services Up for Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Children’s health insurance, in-home care, hospital and community clinic funding and HIV/AIDS programs are all facing cuts.

Anthony Wright is with the consumer advocacy group, Health Access California. He says the two billion dollars in health related cuts would be the deepest in the state’s history.

“The cuts are of a scale that they will ripple through the health care system and people will feel them whether it be with increased waiting times, or reduced staff or reduced services.”
Wright says up to half a million kids might not get health insurance in the next year. And Mothers and newborn babies would be put on a waiting list for care. Republican and Democratic legislative leaders as well as Governor Schwarzenegger say although they’re difficult, they’re necessary to balance the budget. Democrats say these cuts are a better alternative than the elimination of some programs which the governor had originally proposed.