Arsonist Suspected Of Setting Downtown Fires

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Firefighters responded to eight separate fires in the Downtown area overnight…most of them set inside dumpsters.

Captain Jim Doucette says the first fire was at 12:40 AM and the last one was at about 4 AM Wednesday.

“Eight of them in a row like that all in the same general area, it’s pretty obvious that somebody’s lighting these. Occasionally we get these serial arsonists that work the downtown area and they go from alley to alley lighting dumpsters or trash or whatever and that’s what this is.”

At least two of the fires caused damage to buildings. The most series was at an apartment building on 18th Street. Doucette says it was moments away from creating a major fire by the time firefighters arrived.  

No injuries were reported.

Fire officials are asking people to report any suspicious activity they may have seen in downtown alleys overnight.