Sac Approves Pot Dispensary Moratorium

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Officials say the number of dispensaries is on the rise...with an estimated two-dozen currently within city limits.

Assistant City manager Gus Vina told city council members the 45-day moratorium does two things. 

“It’s kind of a time-out so that staff has the time to really do some research and bring some recommendations to council. Secondly, it requires that existing establishments register with the city within 30-days of adoption of this ordinance.” 

Vina says the purpose of that is to connect dispensary operators with city staff who are researching a possible ordinance regulating medical marijuana outlets. The city plans to hold public meetings on the issue. 

City council members passed the moratorium unanimously. 

Just last week, West Sacramento approved a similar moratorium. Some cities, like Davis and Folsom, have banned medical marijuana dispensaries entirely.