Groundwater Near Record Lows

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 13, 2009

The US Geological Survey says pumping and drought have prevented the replenishing of the aquifer…that’s the underground layer of gravel, sand and clay that holds water.   

Hydrologist Claudia Faunt led the study. 

“The more water levels drop the more expensive it is to pump ground water and the lower water levels go water quality tends to decrease as well. Between like 1961 and 2003 about 60 million acre feet of water has been removed from the entire aquifer system.” 

That’s enough for every California household for ten-years. 

Faunt says groundwater pumping also continues to cause the valley floor to sink. 

The California Aqueduct, which delivers drinking water to more than 20 Million Californians, is among many structures threatened by the sinking.