Grant Will Help Sac State Recruit Migrant Students

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 10, 2009

The money was awarded this week by the US Department of Education. It’ll help fund Sacramento State’s CAMP or “College Assistance Migrant Program” for the next five years. 

Viridiana Diaz heads the program at Sacramento State. She says some of the money will be used to search for new students.

“We have to go out and find them. The majority of our students go straight into working by going back into the fields or working in something related to agriculture. So we spend pretty much about nine months of the year in the high schools and in the camps recruiting students.” 

She says the money is also used for tuition, books and a stipend for about 80 students a year. 

Sac State is one of 13 campuses around the country getting the US Department of Education grant. In all, there are 35 campuses around the country that offer the CAMP program.