Study: Obesity Crippling State's Economy

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 9, 2009

$41 billion. That’s how much obesity and lack of exercise is costing California every year. 

“That would be the second largest expenditure to the state budget behind education.”
State Controller John Chiang says it’s the equivalent to more than a third of the state’s total budget. 

The report is from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. It says health care costs are rising because more Californians are getting heavier and suffering from diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Chiang says that means lost productivity for California. 

“Clearly it is going to have dramatic implications to the bottom line for individuals, for businesses and for government.” 

The study shows a 33% rise in obesity rates in just six-years. It says federal, state and local policies should promote healthy eating and exercise.