Budget Impasse Worse, Says One Lawmaker

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 6, 2009

Democratic Assembly Speaker Karen Bass was so frustrated with Governor Schwarzenegger that she skipped a planned budget meeting.  She says things aren’t going well:

 “In my opinion they’re getting worse.  They’re getting worse because I believe we’re not talking about the subject.  We need to be talking about closing the deficit.

Bass is referring to Governor Schwarzenegger’s push to include changes to state programs in a budget deal.  He’s calling for
anti-fraud measures for the state’s program that helps the disabled stay in their homes.  Schwarzenegger also wants to change the pension system. He says it’s a way to free up dollars for other programs:

"We have to go and get rid of the waste fraud and abuse within the programs now more than ever, because we have a limited amount of money;  the taxpayers demand that the money is spent wisely and efficiently in our government.”

Meantime, thanks to the state’s cash crunch, California’s Controller is sending IOU’s instead of checks to thousands of Californians.  On Friday, many banks are expected to stop accepting IOU’s.  Governor Schwarzenegger and Democratic Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg say they’re both hoping for a budget deal by then.