Cities Threaten To Sue State Over Gas Tax Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don Saylor is Mayor-pro tem of Davis. He says his city will have a lot more potholes if Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to borrow local gas tax revenues goes through.

“When I go to the grocery store people walk up to me and ask me what we’re doing to repair their streets and I’m going to have a hard time.” 

Saylor says Davis would lose $1 million in gas tax funds to pay for much needed repairs. 

“Some of our roadways have begun to look almost like medieval cobblestone streets. And so it’s repaving, putting sealers on.” 

Chris McKenzie, who heads the League of California Cities, says if need be, they’ll go to court. 

“We will sue the state the day after the budget is signed if it includes a raid of local gas tax funds.” 

But Governor Schwarzenegger says tough decisions have to be made and that cities need to work with the state to solve a $24 billion deficit.