Air Resources Board Postpones Vote On Carbon Tax For Industry

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some oil refineries and utilities could be soon required to pay a new fee that will fund the state’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.    The State’s Air Resources Board was expected to vote on the fee this week but delayed it until next month to do more research.      

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports...

The Air Resources Board expects the fee could generate more than 50-million dollars in revenues annually over the next three years.    ARB member Jon Constantino says the money would be funneled into clean air programs.   He says the fee could be passed on to consumers and would cost each Californian about a dollar year... 
“This fee is a small fee which would be passed on to consumers and our research shows it would not have a significant businesses at all...”
The Western States Petroleum Association opposes the fee.  Spokeswoman Michaeleen Mason says it’s unfair because only a few hundred companies are required to pick up the entire tab... 

“There’s absolutely no reason that we be required to pay for the whole state and all the industry that is getting the benefit of the regulations and the benefit of us paying for their fees...”
The fee will be based on the amount of gas local refineries produce and how much carbon utilities emit into the air.  If approved, ARB will start collecting the fee next year.