Yolo County's New Budget Isn't Pretty

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 18, 2009

The term “safety-net” – in county budget-speak – means the patchwork of health care and social services that serve as a last resort for the poorest of residents.  With this new budget, says Supervisor Helen Thomson:
Thomson: “Basic safety-net services are incredibly stretched.  That safety net is very frayed.” 
For example:
Thomson: “My toughest vote in many, many years was having to reduce the Yolo County indigent health care program, by almost $1 million.  And that money was coming by eliminating services for undocumented people.” 
Meanwhile, the sheriff’s department will basically get the same amount of money as last year.
More than a quarter of the county’s savings will come from employees, who agreed to weeks of furloughs.  That means, as one top official put it, Yolo County will continue to do most of what it used to do – but it’ll be doing it a lot more slowly.