Governor Gets Chilly Reception In Fresno

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schwarzenegger encountered some disgruntled audience members in the agriculture-heavy area.  One gave him a long talking-to about his proposal to borrow money from local governments.  Another was sharply critical of what he called the Governor’s failure to address the state’s water supply issues.  He said it meant Schwarzenegger had lost control of state government.  Amid catcalls, the Governor defended himself:

“First of all, I hope that you didn’t refer to me as saying that I haven’t addressed the issue.  Because I think it’s very important that everyone knows that I’ve been fighting for water for four years straight, as a matter of fact, it was part of my infrastructure package in 2006.  And, so I just want everyone to know that.  I did mean it…Ok, so you did mean it.”Immediately, the Governor called Mayor Victor Lopez of Orange Cove up to the stage.  Lopez then defended Schwarzenegger, calling him the best Governor that any state in the whole nation has ever had. 

Schwarzenegger told the crowd that this would be the year of water --- but first officials had to deal with another daunting issue: the state’s 24 billion dollar deficit.