Lodi's Wine Industry Tops $5 Billion

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five billion dollars is less than half of what Napa’s wine industry generates for it’s local economy. But Lodi’s reputation continues to escalate. Why?  

“Coastal quality grapes at Central Valley prices, basically. So more and more wineries have started sourcing grapes from there. But the quality of the wines coming from there just keeps getting better.”   

That’s Barbara Insel. She heads the Napa-based Stonebridge Research Group. They found that in the past 18-years…the Lodi wine industry has grown from eight wineries to 75. Those wineries employ about 15,000 people and pump more than $400 million in tourism dollars to the local economy. 

Insel says one sector that hasn’t kept up with Lodi’s burgeoning wine industry is suppliers – companies that make corks, bottles and labels.    

“I think it’s because the industry has grown so recently, suppliers are still based in the Central Valley or on the coast so they haven’t moved that much into the Lodi district.” 

But Insel says that will eventually happen as Lodi’s wine industry continues to grow.