Wisconsin Governor Offers Schwarzenegger Advice on Cutting Welfare

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 15, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to eliminate welfare programs to cut spending is “déjà vu” for ANOTHER Republican governor.    

Nearly 15 years ago, then Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson    
made headlines when he convinced lawmakers to pass the “W-2” program, which dramatically downsized welfare in the badger state.
It forced welfare recipients to get jobs sooner, reduced benefits for women who continued to have children while on the rolls and blocked federal aid to welfare families in his state. 

 Though California is in a different situation because of its massive deficit there are parallels. 

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley talked with Governor Thompson about  what his state has done and what advice he has for Governor Schwarzenegger....

0616 Tommy Thompson Interview runs 3:45 minutes 

Tommy Thompson speaking with Steve Shadley.  Thompson served as Wisconsin governor for 14 years.     He also was U-S Health And Human Services Secretary under President George W. Bush.