FCC: Transition to Digital TV Smoother Than Expected

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 12, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission had estimated more than 60-thousand Sacramento-area households weren’t ready for digital TV.  But the FCC’s Sherille Ismail says so far, the transition has gone relatively smoothly.
Ismail: “It appears to be going quite well overall, though there are several hundred people that have been calling into the various stations.  But at this point, it does not look like anywhere near as large an impact as we had feared.” 
Still, Ismail expects more people will call with questions over the next few days.
TVs that have relied on analog signals now need digital converter boxes to get broadcast channels.  The FCC says discount coupons for those boxes are still available through the end of July.
And if your TV still isn’t getting digital signals, try hitting the rescan button on your converter box.