Huckaby Plea Could Come Friday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 11, 2009
During three previous court appearances Melissa Huckaby declined to enter a plea in connection with the kidnapping, assault and murder of Sandra Cantu.
Her attorney has said he needs time to review the evidence.
The District Attorney’s office has asked the presiding Superior Court judge to enter a plea for Huckaby if she declines again. 
Professor Michael Vitiello of the McGeorge School of Law says with the possibility of the defendant claiming insanity as a defense, it’s understandable that prosecutors would want to keep the case moving forward. 
“There are some rights of discovery. For example if there’s going to be insanity defense there might be the right of the prosecutor to have an examination done.” 
A gag order is in effect, so the prosecution and defense aren’t commenting.
Huckaby could receive the death penalty if convicted.