Johnson Blasts State Cuts, but Doesn't Offer Alternatives

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 29, 2009

Johnson: “I don’t have the answers on what to cut instead.  I’m not the one in the State Capitol wrestling through the significant challenges that they’re making.  We know there’s gonna have to be some serious cuts throughout the state.  But again, I need people to understand that we as a state capital do not wanna be singled out and have to take a double whammy, a double hit.” 
Johnson says he’s worried Sacramento businesses that support state workers will suffer from the budget cuts.
The mayor also says he’s “very interested” in a proposed constitutional convention” to reform state government. 
Johnson: “This two-thirds thing to pass a budget is ridiculous – especially for the city of Sacramento.  It’s like a wrecking ball in our economy when we can’t get a balanced budget.” 
Johnson spoke this morning at Sutter’s Fort, a state park in midtown Sacramento.