Review: Children Of Light Grabs Your Gut

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 28, 2009

What’s the difference between a high Greek tragedy and a thriller about an obsessed person who goes mad seeking revenge? Mostly, it’s a matter of style. In this play, a brother and sister plan the murder of their mother, the queen, because their mother betrayed and helped slay their father – the king.
“Electra, what are you going to do?”
“Not I, but we.”
“Will you kill her?”
“You must strike the blow.”
The actress playing Electra, Brittaleigha Baskerville, is tall and slender, with lanky arms and legs – a young princess, single-minded in her fury.
 “How can I spill the blood that gave me life?”
“The same way she killed your father. Painfully!”
It’s visceral stuff, and powerfully portrayed in this intense little production.  A trap is laid. The luxurious Queen draws near. And then….
You might hear that kind of scream in a slasher movie, but it’s not the same. The artistry resides in the way that this disturbing story grabs your gut, reverberating with fate, giving each scene a poetic inevitability. It’s beautifully done, right down to the ghastly finale – and it’s the powerful, uncompromising conclusion that makes this a show I highly recommend. Given Electra’s overarching pride and fixated personality, could this story end any other way? Jeff Hudson, Capital Public Radio News.
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