California Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reaction is deeply emotional to the California Supreme Court’s
decision to uphold Proposition 8 today (Tuesday). 
The ballot measure approved by voters last November bans
same-sex marriages. 

As Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley  reports, those
on both sides of the issue say the battle’s not over...

Democratic State Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco is chairman of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender caucus. 
He says he’s disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision... 
“This is a great stain on this court, and I think it’s a decision that history will not look fondly upon...”
Leno and other lawmakers are vowing to support efforts to get a measure on the ballot next year to overturn the same-sex marriage ban.  They say they it could be a referendum passed by the legislature or a voter-driven initiative.
Prop 8 supporters, meantime, are celebrating the court’s ruling.  Andrew Pugno is an attorney who made arguments in favor of Prop 8 before the high court in March... 
“This decision wasn’t just about traditional marriage but also whether the people were going to have a say in an important issue like this.   So the issue you see today reaffirms that the initiative process is a fundamental cornerstone of California’s system of government...”
The Governor’s spokesman Aaron McClear says Schwarzenegger believes in traditional marriage, but he voted No on Prop 8.  However, he believes someday same-sex marriages will be allowed in California.