Governor Supports Pay Cuts For Lawmakers And Other Elected Officials

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 21, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger says he supports pay cuts for lawmakers and other statewide elected officials.  The California Citizens Compensation Commission voted yesterday (Wednesday) to cut their pay by 18-percent starting next year.  The governor says everyone has to share the pain to help California get through the fiscal crisis... 
“I think that all of us have to do the same as ordinary people do out there.  We have to make cuts The reality is that the world is one-third less in value and so as soon as everyone can adjust to that I think everyone is going to be fine and that means we have to cut our general in government we have to cut back...”
Schwarzenegger does not accept his salary of 212-thousand dollars a year.   A few weeks ago, commission members voted to reduce legislator’s pay by ten-percent.  But, they didn’t have enough members to finalize that. So, in another vote that included newly appointed commission members, they opted to cut the pay by 18-percent.