Measure A Expands Contract Bargaining Tool

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 18, 2009

Sacramento County has had binding arbitration with its sheriff’s deputies for years. Now other department personnel say it’s their turn. 

“Measure A is just adding probation officers and law enforcement management to that charter that already exists.” 

Greg Stuber is President of the Sacramento County Probation Association labor union. 

He says binding arbitration – which is when a third party is allowed to resolve disputes…would help speed up resolutions if labor contract talks between his union and the county ever break down. 

“Strikes or walkouts or blue flues or anything like that would hurt the public. So this is just a way to make it more fair at the table for both sides.” 

McGeorge School of Law Professor Jed Scully says one of the pros of binding arbitration is that both parties can pick who will represent them. One of the cons is lack of transparency. 

“That process is not an open one. It tends to be a closed one. So the public isn’t invited in, the press aren’t invited in and you only know about it when it’s all over with.” 

Measure A has no organized opposition.