Fewer Polling Places Open This Election, So Double-Check Your Own

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 18, 2009

Elections officials aren’t expecting a high turnout at the polls.  So they’ve sharply reduced the number of polling places – in many counties, by at least half.  It saves money – and it’s permitted by state law – but it’s also less convenient for voters.
Buyse: “We do anticipate that there might be a little bit of confusion.” 
Brad Buyse with Sacramento County Elections says the county will only open 314 polling places this time around – compared to more than 600 last November.  He’s urging voters to check the back of their sample ballot pamphlet to make sure their destination hasn’t changed.  They can also call the county elections department – or go online.
Buyse: “In some of the polling places, they might be a little bit further distance away than the normal polling place, but most polling places are within a short distance.” 
Voters who show up at a polling place that isn’t their own can still cast a provisional ballot.