As Temps Rise, So Do Water Levels

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 18, 2009

Unseasonably hot temperatures are causing a surge in water levels in the Truckee and other rivers across the region. National Weather Service hydrologist Gary Barbato says the Truckee should crest early this week and then start ebbing for the rest of the summer as the snowpack melts. For now, he offers this advice: 

"If you’re camping, be careful where you set up. Even though the river may be relatively far away one time of day, it may come up at night or early in the morning because it takes that long for the crest from the previous day – the melt that had occurred yesterday afternoon – to get down to some locations." 

Even so, Barbato says water flows in the Truckee will only be 75-percent of normal thanks to three years of drought. Lake Tahoe is well below its normal level and is only expected to rise a few more inches. Two boat ramps in Tahoe Vista will remain closed all summer.