Health Care Cuts Under Governor's Budget Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 14, 2009
Anthony Wright is with the advocacy group Health Access California. He says the plan includes a $750 million cut to Medi-Cal. The federal government would have to approve it, but if it goes through he says there’d be many more uninsured Californians. 
“If we’re taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of the system that will have an impact on waiting times, that will have an impact on the services provided, that will have an impact on whether those services are able to stay open.” 
Some private hospitals would see a 10 percent pay cut. Recent legal immigrants would lose Medi-Cal benefits. And in-home health care services for the disabled would be reduced.
If the ballot measures to help balance the state’s budget fail at the polls next week…the governor would cut an additional $600 million from Health and Human Services. That means about a quarter of a million kids would lose health coverage.