Reno Wind Farm Closer To Reality

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

County Commissioners have endorsed creating a utility corridor…where power lines would carry the wind energy to a transfer station east of Reno. 

But residents like Juliana Kipps are afraid that the vote will lead to more development and ruin their quality of life. 

“Utility corridors are not designed for single-use technologies. Rather they encompass a variety of utilities such as communications, power, gas, water and sewer.” 

Commissioner Robert Larkin told residents it’s too soon to worry. 

“This is just the start of this process to set a course so that we don’t have these things springing up all over the place and to provide potential developers what the template’s going to be.” 

Commissioners voted to allow the 17-mile power line. The corridor still needs to be approved by other regional agencies.