Local Support For Governor Slipping

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

But survey results out Wednesday show his local approval rating has plunged 16% from last year to 42%.

“That’s a big drop from last year. It is also one of the lowest approval ratings since he was elected.” 

That’s Sacramento State pollster Amy Liu. She says the biggest drop in support comes from two largely Republican counties…Placer and El Dorado. 

“What’s fascinating is that Republicans really disliked how he handled state taxes. The state budget really took a big toll off his approval rating.” 

The governor’s approval rating dropped 23% in Placer County and 17% in El Dorado County. The poll was taken earlier this year…just as the governor was defending tax hikes in the state budget.

Despite the big drop in support, Governor Schwarzenegger’s 42% approval rating in the Sacramento area is still higher than his 33% rating statewide.