Folsom Relaxes Water Rules, Sacramento Tightens Them

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The City Council has approved stiffer fines for people who: over-water their yard, wash-down their driveway, or wash their car without attaching a shutoff nozzle on their hose.

The first violation is just a warning…but if you get caught twice, you’ll be fined $25. A third violation will get you a ticket for $100. 

Meanwhile, as Sacramento toughens its water use restrictions, Folsom city officials are easing theirs.

Don Smith is the city’s Water Management Coordinator. He says they’ve decided to lower their water alert level from Stage Three to Stage Two.

“Well it has to do with conditions of the lake. Folsom Lake is above average right now, well above average. And our concern was that we wouldn’t get our full allotment from the Bureau of Reclamation and we were informed earlier this week that we could expect 100%.” 

That means Folsom homeowners can water their yards three times per week rather than just two. 

But Smith says they’re still asking residents to voluntarily conserve water…in line with Governor Schwarzenegger’s request for all Californians to reduce water use by 20%.