Business Journal: Some Businesses Thriving

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
The industries range from the almost obvious to the hard to imagine, from more entry-level jobs to executive positions. Accounting firms — the number-crunchers who can tell you how much, or little, money your company is making — top the list, with 10 percent revenue growth during the past year. Specialty schools, such as technical and trade schools, were second on the list, with almost 8 percent growth. Sageworks Inc. has dentists in third place, with 7 percent growth.  That’s difficult to explain since many laid-off employees lose dental care with their positions. But many employees who are still employed could be making appointments before their jobs — and their dental insurance — goes away. Auto repair shops, grocery stores, home remodeling contractors and personal-care services — such as hair and nail salons — round out the top seven. This is Ron Trujillo for the Sacramento Business Journal.