Supervisor Proposes Ban On Plastic Bags

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 11, 2009

Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Dickinson says his idea to ban plastic bags isn’t about more regulation for business…it’s about protecting the environment. 

“These bags are largely un-recyclable, they litter the countryside, and they get into the food chain for animals causing them to be harmed or killed.” 

Dickinson’s proposed ordinance would require supermarkets and large pharmacies to transition to reusable bags…or use bags that can be easily recycled. 

But critics say that’ll just lead to the resurgence in paper bags. Tim Shestek is with the American Chemistry Council, which represents plastic bag makers. He says that’s what happened in San Francisco.   

“What you had was a significant increase in the use of paper bags which have significant environmental impacts – more energy required to manufacture, many more trucks on the road to deliver the same amount of product.”

The proposed ordinance is expected to go before the county’s Board of Supervisors this summer.