Conspiracy Trial Will Continue

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 11, 2009

That’s despite a massive rally in Downtown Sacramento Monday urging the judge to throw out the case against former General Vang Pao. 

Su Vang of the Hmong-American Ad Hoc Committee of Sacramento was at that rally in support of Pao. 

“We are a little disappointed that it doesn’t go how we wanted but that’s the legal system in this country so we respect that and we will be here again.” 

Pao’s defense attorneys are claiming government misconduct. But acting US Attorney Lawrence Brown says investigators did nothing wrong.

“We certainly vehemently opposed their motion because we knew it to be a warrantless allegation.” 

US District Judge Frank Damrell ruled that he does not have enough evidence to dismiss the case. Pao and ten other men were arrested in California two-years ago.