Yolo County Scraps Prison Project

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to revoke a contract that would have allowed the state to build a small re-entry prison near Woodland in the small town of Madison. That’s after a discussion between County Counsel Dan Cederborg and Board Chairman Mike McGowan and the other supervisors about scrapping the project.  

McGowen: “So, you’d recommend that we stop this process?”
Cederborg: “That’s correct.”
McGowen: “Okay.” 

County officials originally said the prison would be a good deal for the area. That’s because the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is offering millions of dollars in grants to counties that provide land for re-entry prisons.

But Cederborg says the state has reservations about building on the private property over things like flood control.  

“The state had a lot of concerns and they really weren’t prepared to deal with this property as they would with just a general site.” 

Meanwhile, many people who live near the proposed prison site are praising the board’s decision. They say a prison is not a good fit for the small town of Madison.