Gonzalez: Sac State Budget OK -- Unless...

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gonzalez: “Actually, we’re not in too bad a shape as long as things hold the way they are.  We’re gonna take about a 5 percent reduction across the board, at least at this point.  Now, if we take further cuts, it could be much bigger than that.” 
And that could easily happen, Gonzalez says, if voters reject the measures on the May 19th special election ballot.  Then, the state would face an additional $8 billion budget gap – and Gonzalez says the ensuing cuts would hurt Sac State.
The campus’s overall budget is right around $250 million.  And Gonzalez says enrollment is right on target this year – unlike in recent years, when Sac State fell short.