Foothill Theatre Company Closing Its Doors

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(Nevada City, CA)
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Foothill Theatre Company is more than 30 years old and draws locals, tourists and theater-goers from Sacramento to Reno.  But Artistic Director Carolyn Howarth says despite many valiant fundraising attempts, the company simply can’t overcome more than $150,000 in debt.
Howarth: “Our shows are not bringing in people like we had hoped, our donations are not coming in as we had hoped, and our special events aren’t producing as we had hoped.  And the board finally just really decided that fiscally, it was more responsible to close the doors than to keep them open.” 
Howarth says she and the rest of the staff and performers will miss working in the small, tightly-knit community.  And she hopes that down the road, someone – whoever that may be – can restart the theater.