Urban League Calls For Stimulus Dollars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 30, 2009
California lawmakers should make sure that black communities get a share of the federal economic stimulus package.
That was the request made today (Thursday, 4.30) by Marc Morial. 
He’s President and CEO of the National Urban League… 
“We are asking state legislators, governors and mayor to ensure that those stimulus dollars do not bypass black communities, brown communities, urban communities and disadvantaged communities…”
Morial was at the state capitol today (Thursday, 4.30) to discuss a new “State of Black America” report.    
Assembly Speaker Karen Bass says the report indicates that African-Americans are still struggling for equality… 
“It’s amazing to have an African-American family living in the White House but we need African-American families to see improvements in the school house too…”
Bass says black Americans still face a lot challenges including education and dealing with high infant mortality rates.