Lawmakers Want To Prevent Jobs From Going to Nevada

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 30, 2009
Assembly republican leader Mike Villines of Fresno went on the trip.  He says they met with business leaders who moved to Nevada because they can’t afford to do business in California any longer…

“If you could have heard all the testimony from these CEOs…who said I left because everytime they met with somebody from the state…it was always a fine and they were hostile.  And, when I’m here in Nevada…people come to me and say hey…what can we do for you…we’re glad you’re here…”

To keep jobs in California…Villines says republican lawmakers will introduce a bill that would direct state agencies to help employers comply with state regulations.  He says they’re also asking Governor Schwarzenegger to create a Job Retention Team.  That would include a state hotline to help cut red tape and build better relationships with state and local governments.  Republicans say they’re also concerned about California jobs moving to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico where they say there are lower taxes and fewer regulations.