Special Election Measures Lagging Among Voters

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(San Francisco, CA)
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo says props 1-A through 1-E are trailing by at least nine points each. 
But, he says Prop 1-F is getting overwhelming support…71-percent in favor with 24-percent against.  Prop 1-F would bar legislators from receiving pay raises when the state is running a deficit.
DiCamillo says the poll also shows a distinction between republican and democratic voters… 
”There are huge differences by party.  In fact, republicans are almost uniformly opposed to each of the measures, props 1A through E…while democrats are supporting some and opposing others…” 
Lawmakers put the six propositions on the May 19th ballot to help the state deal with its budget crisis. 
The Field Poll surveyed 900 registered voters earlier this month.  It has a margin of error of nearly five-percent.