Democrats Hold State Party Convention In Sacramento

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 24, 2009
The California Democratic Party is holding its annual convention in Sacramento this weekend.  The party faithful will hear from candidates for governor and other offices.  They’ll also determine whether the party will endorse all six of the budget-related propositions on next month’s ballot.    Outgoing state party chairman Art Torres says democrats have a lot riding on the special election… 
“The party has a stake in it because we have a majority in the assembly and the senate.  We have a stake in it to keep California afloat as we look to the gubernatorial election next year and Senator Boxer’s re-election next year.  And, we’ll be committed to communicating our positions whatever they may turn out to be during the campaign…”
Torres says President Obama’s popularity in California gives democrats an advantage in next year’s gubernatorial race.  He says a lot of young people in California who registered as democrats in last year’s election will also help the party win offices. 
Torres is a former state lawmaker.  He’s served as the state democratic party chairman since 1996.  Two candidates are seeking to replace Torres in that post this weekend.  They are former State Senate President Pro Tem John Burton and Santa Cruz activist Chris Finnie.