Bill Would Require California Schools To Use "Eco Friendly" Cleaning Products

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 20, 2009

California schools would be required to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products under a bill state lawmakers are debating this week.  Steve Shadley reports…

Among other things, the measure would require all schools with more than 50 students to use non-toxic cleaning products starting in the next school year.  Santa Monica Democratic Assemblymember Julia Brownley introduced the bill.  She says schools should be places where kids can learn without being exposed to cleaning chemicals that can cause health problems.   So-called GREEN cleaning supplies are typically more expensive than traditional products, but Brownley says it’ll be affordable over time… 

“We believe in most cases it’s going to be a cost-savings to schools because they buy large containers and dilute it and the price per container is less.  So we actually believe there will be an economic benefit to making this transition…”
The bill is opposed by the California Specialty Products Association.  It represents manufacturers of traditional cleaning supplies.  The measure gets its first hearing in the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday, which is Earth Day.