Another Job Fair For Unemployed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 20, 2009

That’s expected to be the scene Tuesday tomorrow at Folsom Lake College. The campus is holding its annual Career Exploration and Volunteer Fair. And with the Sacramento area unemployment rate at 11.3%, organizers are anticipating a big crowd. 

Denise Noldon is with the college. 

“We know we’re in a job market where people may be feeling a little bit of stress around you know, ‘how am I going to go out and get a job after I leave the college’ or ‘I’m out of a job due to the current job market and where can I go from here?’ 

The fair will include local employers looking to hire…everything from police departments to green jobs. It’ll also include free workshops on subjects such as interviewing techniques, writing a resume and how to stay positive and motivated in the current job market.