School Board Set To Vote On Closures

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 16, 2009

Board members are set to vote on whether to shut down four elementary schools and a charter high school.

Susan Miller is the district’s Interim Superintendent. She says the closures would help narrow a budget gap and deal with a drop in enrollment. 

“That’s really attributed to a decline in the birth rate and a change in many of the neighborhoods and the demographics.” 

That change being fewer kids living in some of the city’s older neighborhoods.

One of the schools slated for closure is Thomas Jefferson Elementary in East Sacramento. Kelly O’Hagan is with that school’s PTA. She says parents aren’t looking forward to taking their kids to schools in other neighborhoods. 

“Of course they’re not pleased. Families have a great attachment to their schools. They like close proximity.” 

Other elementary schools slated for closure include Lisbon, Alice Birney and Mark Hopkins along with Genesis High School.