Tent City's Moment of Truth Set for Thursday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson calls the city’s strategy “tough love.”
Johnson: “Our commitment is, we’re gonna give you one or two options.  We give you a timeline.  We hope you take up this offer.  If not, the thing that we’re all trying to avoid is people not just being noticed but eventually being cited.” 
Or worse.  Assistant city manager Cassandra Jennings says she hopes the residents will leave.  But if not …
Jennings: “They’ll be escorted out so the property owners can fence their properties.” 
She says arrests are a possibility too.
Officials say they’ve listened to the concerns of the tent city residents and have offered them a mix of short- and long-term housing options.  But some of the homeless say those solutions don’t fit their needs and have vowed to stay.
If there is a standoff, it will come tomorrow.  That’s when city officials and police officers plan to head out to the campsite and start cleaning it up -- so property owners can fence it off.