State Says It's Ready To Handle Last Minute Rush Of Tax Returns

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Procrastinators rejoice!  If you’ve been waiting for the final moment to file your income taxes…it has arrived. 

Steve Shadley visited the state’s tax headquarters in Sacramento to see how they’re handling the last minute rush…

The State Franchise Tax Board says it will handle more than 17-million returns this year at its offices in the Sacramento area…
(natural sound of tax returns zipping by on conveyor belts)
Conveyor belts transport the returns from one end of the building to the other where they’re sorted and checked for errors.
Franchise Tax Board Spokeswoman Denise Azimi says
an additional one-thousand temporary workers have been hired to help out… 
“This is always a busy week for us.  Typically we do keep up on the work until about the first of April.  But, since a lot of people do postpone filing until the last couple of weeks we get buried this time of year…”         
Azimi says its too soon to say whether the recession is causing a lot of people to do their taxes at the last minute, or file for an extension.  She says people who file by mail this week will probably get their returns in about a month.  Electronic Filing means a faster return, within a week or so.