West Sacramento Post Office Open Late For Tax Filers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It’s yet another casualty of the economic downturn. Instead of keeping several post offices open late on tax day there’ll only be one – in West Sacramento. 

“It is more cost effective for us. We are undergoing some financial difficulties ourselves.” 

That’s Ralph Petty with the US Postal Service in Sacramento.  

He says they’ve seen a nine-and-a-half percent decline in first class mail over the last year nationwide so they’ve been adjusting operations and offering early retirement to eligible employees. 

Petty says another reason they’ll only have one post office open late tomorrow night is that more and more people are filing their tax returns online. 

“We’ve seen a steady decline in the amount of mail that gets filed on tax day. So this is more than adequate to handle it.” 

Last-minute filers who plan to mail their returns can take them to the West Sacramento Processing and Distribution Center on Industrial Boulevard. That’s the only Sacramento area post office open until midnight on tax day.