Quarter Fee For Plastic Bags?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 13, 2009

A couple of similar bills have been approved by a key committee.  Both would require stores to charge a quarter for single use bags. 

Plastic bags are not only choking our oceans, but blighting our inland, urban communities and harming our economy.”

Democratic Assemblyman Mike Davis is the author of one of the bills.  He says it’s costly for local communities to clean up the litter.  The quarter per bag fee would be charged starting in July of 2010.  The money raised would go to litter reduction programs. Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley is the author of the other bill. 

“Recycling just doesn’t work in terms of getting to the place that we want to get with getting rid of plastic bags.”

Californians who receive food stamp assistance wouldn’t have to pay the fee.   A representative of the American Chemistry Council says lawmakers should instead focus on better recycling programs.