GOP Lawmakers Say Too Many Jobs Leaving California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 13, 2009

A group of republican state lawmakers says too many California jobs are moving to neighboring western states.  They’ll be travelling to Reno next week to meet with California business leaders who’ve moved their companies to Nevada.  
Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports…

Members of the GOP legislative caucus say more and more companies are leaving California for Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. They say that’s where taxes are lower and there aren’t as many business regulations.   Senator Sam Aanestad’s district is in the Sierra Foothills community of Grass Valley.  He says he’s tired of seeing jobs leave his area… 

“A plywood mill in Siskiyou County just closed and went back to Oregon because of environmental regulations.  Two sawmills in northern California closed within the past few days because they can’t get product out of the forest because of the regulations and the costs…”
The republicans will meet with Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons during their visit next week.  They say Gibbons has half-jokingly asked California to keep sending Nevada its best and brightest workers.  But, Nevada also is worried.  Unemployment in that state hit 10-point-one-percent in February.  That’s compared to California’s rate of 10-and-a-half-percent during the same period.