FCC Helping Local Residents Switch To Digital TV

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 13, 2009

“Sacramento is community that we want to target because we think there’s a higher number of people that aren’t ready for digital TV there than in some other areas.” 

Edie Herman is with the Federal Communications Commission in Washington. She says they’re focusing in on low-income residents, minority communities, non-English speakers and people who live in rural areas. 

Herman says for many elderly or disabled people, TV is their only link to the outside world. 

“We’re not really doing this for the entertainment segment. Although certainly a lot of people do want to watch The Price is Right and that’s fine. But we’re particularly interested in public service and news broadcasts.” 

Teams of eight to 12 AmeriCorps volunteers will be in the Sacramento area, starting Tuesday, April 14 through May 22.

Residents who need assistance can call the following phone number beginning April 14: