State's "Hydrogen Highway" Picks Up Steam

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 10, 2009

Drivers of hydrogen powered vehicles in California will soon be able to find more places to fill up.
The state has handed out seven-million dollars in grants as part of the “Hydrogen Highway” project.   It’s Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to open more alternative fuel stations across the state.   The money will be used to retro-fit four gas stations to sell hydrogen fuel in San Francisco and the Los Angeles area.
California Air Resource Board spokesman Dmitri Stanich 
says the project helps California make the transition away from fossil fuel… 

 “This is a technology that California recognizes as being an integral part to cleaning up the environment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and creating a new industry that will provide jobs—strengthening the economy for California…”
There are already 23 hydrogen fueling stations doing business in California.  The Governor wants to have another 15 open by the end of next year.