UC Admits Fewer Freshman For Fall

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UC campuses accepted about 72 percent of freshman applicants.  Officials say that’s the lowest rate in a decade.  They say it’s a result of record applications and state budget cuts.  Students must decide by next month whether to enroll at a campus.  Susan Wilbur is Director of Undergraduate Admissions.  She says it’s not clear how the economy will affect students’ decisions:

“Students who in the past might have considered the University of California may now want to stay even closer to home and enroll at a CSU campus if they have that opportunity or a community college.”

Wilbur says on the other hand, students who might ordinarily have gone to school out of state may choose to stay in California and attend a UC campus.  Admission offers rose four percent for Latino students and two percent for African American students.  Offers went down six percent for white students and were fairly unchanged for Asian students.