Republican Lawmakers Unveil Bill To Delay Clean Air Regulations at Gas Stations

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Republican State Lawmakers are pushing emergency legislation to delay new air quality regulations for California gas stations. Sponsors of the measure say it would prevent stations from closing. 
The regulations require all California stations to upgrade gas pump vapor recovery equipment starting April First.  But, Assemblymember Martin Garrick of San Diego says many stations haven’t made the changes.  Garrick backs a bill that would delay enforcement until next April… 
“This is to act in a realistic and responsible manner to act on what’s going on in the marketplace and the economic downturn that we’re faced with and the increased unemployment …”

Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger also asked the California Air Resources Board to delay the regulations.  But, ARB spokesman Dmitri Stanich says under the law, local enforcement agencies are required to start fining stations in violation now.  He says the board will comply with any changes if the legislation is approved.