Tracy May Use Surplus To Stimuate Business

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 30, 2009

A proposal by Tracy Mayor Brent Ives calls for spending a hundred and twenty million dollars in reserves as a local stimulus package.

If the city council approves the plan, the money would be used for infrastructure projects and loans to businesses.

Mayor Ives says the assistance is available because the government was disciplined. 

"We put aside money during the good times to be able to have money when eventualities like this economy happen." 

Art Vallejo of the Tracy Chamber of Commerce says businesses are embracing the plan.  

"I think every business can use the money. And it’s a really good sign that the Mayor and council are looking at this series of proposals."

The general public could also benefit. The plan includes a five hundred dollar gift card for those who buy a new car from a Tracy dealership. The cards would be good at local businesses.